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Dakota Drum Co with Sonja

Traditional Buffalo Hide Drums & Hide Paintings

Dakota Drum Company, specializes in Native American Drums, creating traditional buffalo hide drums, and Hide paintings painted by Lakota artist, and co-owner Sonja Holy Eagle.

Our Drums

All of our drum frames for two-sided drums are made from cottonwood. These are chiseled out and aged for the appropriate amount of time: usually 3–4 months.

Cottonwood works the best for drums because it has a very twisted grain that will not crack. These two-sided drums are our main drums and are the very strongest. They come in sizes ranging from 7–60 inches.

We also make one-sided drums made from maple hoops. These are light drums, available in 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, and 20 inches. They usually don't have quite the same, sound as our two-sided drums, but they are lighter and easier to carry. One thing to keep in mind is that the bigger the drum, the better the sound.

Traditional Drums

Drumsticks are made from chokecerry, a traditionally used wood, deerskin and stuffed with buffalo hair. You can also choose a painted or unpainted drum. Sonja paints with traditional earth paints. These paints are made from various colors of rock ground to a fine powder and mixed with water. After she paints a drum, we put a sealer over the painting that makes it permanent and waterproof.

Hide Paintings & Native American Arts

We also specialize in hiding paintings, including painted buffalo robes. Because we buy so many buffalo hides for our drums, we have access to very nice winter hides, which we have tanned at a commercial tannery. We also offer great prices on unpainted buffalo robes.

Sonja also paints a variety of other hides, including buffalo robes, elk hides, and deer hides. You can also find many traditional arts and crafts, including beadwork, and quillwork. All made by people from the Pine Ridge, Rosebud, and Cheyenne River reservations at our store.

These Are Drums We Have Right Now You Can Call Us To Order . Or Sonja Can Talk To You About Painting One Just The Way You Would Like It. We Also Have Beadwork And Quillwork.

Drums Art 16

dr-16 11"x10"x6" 2sided SOLD

Drums Art 17

dr-17 11"x12"x6.5" 2sided SOLD

Drums Art 18

dr-18 7"x7"x5.5" 2sided SOLD

Drums Art 19

dr-19 11"x12"x5" 2sided SOLD

Drums Art 20

dr-20 12"x16"x7" 2sided SOLD

Drums Art 21

dr-21 14"x16"x6" 2sided SOLD

Drums Art 22

dr-22 16" x3" 1 sided SOLD

Drums Art 23

dr-23 14"x17"x6" 2sided SOLD

Drums Art 24

dr-24 15"x3" 1sided SOLD

Drums Art 25

dr-25 18"x20"x6.5" 2sided SOLD

Drums Art 26

dr-26 16"x3" SOLD

Drums Art 27

dr-27 10"x2" 1sided SOLD

Drums Art 28

dr-28 14" x3" 1sided SOLD

Drums Art 29

dr-29 10"x2" 1sided SOLD

Drums Art 30

dr-30 18"x3" SOLD1sided

Drums Art 31

dr-31 21"x22"x8" 2sided SOLD

Drums Art 32

dr-32 20"x3" SOLD

Drums Art 33

dr-33 10"x11"x6" 2sided SOLD

Drums Art 34

dr-34 10"x2" 1sided SOLD

Back of 1 Side Drums

Back of 1 sided drums , we add a leather handle upon request

Drums Art 35 with Stand

dr-35 33"x27"x16"SOLD with stand, , Glass size 36"

Photo Without Glass

dr-35 photo without glass

Unpainted Drums

We have many more unpainted drums, Sonja will be happy to try to paint the way you like

Painted Drums

drums of all sizes available We also have more painted drums not shown

Painted Deer Hide Art

dh_1 painted deer hide 60"x36" 575.00

Deer Hide Art Painting

dh-2 painted deer hide 50"x36" SOLD

Dh 3 Painted Deer Hide Painting Art

dh-3 painted deer hide 35"x58" SOLD

Painted Deer Hide Paintings

dh-4 painted deer hide 30"x36" SOLD

Quillwork and Beadwork

We have lots of nice Quillwork and beadwork

Quilled Medicine Wheels

Quilled Medicine Wheels 2.25" 25.00 each

Small Hide Paintings

Small hide paintings SOLD

Larger Hide Painting

Larger hide painting SOLD

Paintings Art

larger  hide paintings SOLD

Contact us in Rapid City, South Dakota, to learn more about our Traditional Buffalo hide drums, Hide paintings, quillwork, and beadwork.